June 9, 2016

Your granite is in!! Just working on touching up drywall and paint. We are also working on getting everything cleaned up for your walk through. We are also in the process of getting landscaping in. #mysabalstory

May 28, 2016

The kitchen is looking great! Your driveway/sidewalk are in, plumbing has been trimmed out and window protection installed. We have your tops coming in, some skytec inspections coming up and some punch items to finish. We are in the home stretch! #mysabalstory

May 18, 2016

Floors are in! They look great! Second picture is your hardwoods on the first level. Third is the tile in your master bath. Granite sshould be going in end of this week. We should be getting your walk/close dates from the office next week.

May 12, 2016

We have cabinets!!! They are also working on adding lighting and flooring should go in next week. We should get your walk and close dates next week as well. #mysabalstory

May 4, 2016

Here’s an update… We have paint!!! Exterior hardi paint is complete (isn’t that color great!!) drywall has been done and they are working on trim/crown. Painting will begin this week and hoping for cabinets in the next week or so.