Your Guide to Fall Yard Clean-Up in the Lowcountry

While it’s never anyone’s favorite activity, cleaning up your landscaping seasonally is just part and parcel of having a great looking yard. We’ve gathered some to-do’s that should be a part of any fall yard clean-up in the Lowcountry to help you prepare for winter and have some great looking flowers and plants come spring.

· For a beautiful lawn even in winter, overseed your grass in fall.

· Plant any trees and shrubs you’d like to add to your yard.

· Remove summer annuals that have died and dig up weeds.

· Mulch your garden with shredded leaves.

· Plant your cool weather annuals. Add fertilizer and till the bed.

· With your summer annuals you have dug out together with fall leaves, create a compost pile for use in the spring.

· Plant your spring bulbs.

Did you know you can even grow vegetables in the fall? Plant seeds for mustard, collards, turnips and lettuce.

And if you’re really motivated, install some Halloween-themed landscaping. We loved these Halloween yard ideas from Landscaping.

One last reminder: If you’re planning to do any digging in your yard this fall, remember to call South Carolina 811 to have your utilities marked to make sure you don’t damage any underground lines. This can be not only inconvenient when you take out the whole neighborhood’s cable and Internet, but also deadly if you broke a gas line, which could cause an explosion. A call to 811 is free, and local utility companies will send someone to mark their utilities for you at no cost. Better to be safe!

What’s part of your fall yard clean-up each year?

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