Unique Home Details: Wall Trim

When people think about wall accents, their minds typically go straight to thinking about wall décor such as pictures, mirrors or artwork. However, there is a more subtle alternative to adding interest to your walls that still achieves the same effect: wall trim.

Wall trim can serve sabal-trim-pic-within-blogmany different purposes. It can help unite an open floor plan, separate rooms using visual cues or be used to create unique lines within a room.

By simply adding crown molding at the intersection of your room’s walls and ceiling, you can create crisp lines and intersecting shadow detail for a classic, sophisticated look. Or, you can use the trim to make wall frames. This classic look works well with a lot of traditional architecture styles. You can achieve a fresh wall frame with flat-band molding, wall molding or contour picture-framing molding.

You can also use your wall trim for more than just looks. Add a chair rail trim to prevent your chair backs from damaging your wall surface or add an extra-deep profile chair rail and let it double as a picture ledge.

Regardless of what type of wall trim you decide to add to your home, the most important thing to keep in mind is that the details you include should compliment your space and not overpower it.

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