Sheila Sliden

Accounts Payable Coordinator

Hails from:
Peoria, Illinois

Hollers for:
Atlanta Braves

Alumni of:
Illinois State University and Charleston Southern University

Why I enjoy building homes:
I love this business because I'm contributing not only to the dream of homeownership, but to building high-quality homes in lovely communities that will benefit the residents for years to come.

Reasons I love Charleston:
I think South Carolina is a beautiful and friendly state that offers diverse regions, interesting cities, and many opportunities to live a quality life. Charleston is my hometown, but Myrtle Beach and Greenville are each unique cities in their own right and offer many benefits to residents and visitors alike.

What you can find me doing when I'm not working hard at Sabal Homes:
I enjoy travel, photography, writing, bird watching, genealogy, music, and watching movies.