Jennifer Rauch

Community Sales Manager • Greenville

Hails from:
Norris, TN

Hollers for:
University of Tennessee

Alumni of:
University of Tennessee

Why I enjoy building homes:
“There’s no place like home”...Wizard of Oz, 1939

That quote resonates because it is true. I’m grateful to sell new homes because I feel it is a helping profession to assist people in discovering their new happy home where they will make so many memories. I’ve been in new home sales since 2006 and have loved being part of all the new beginnings.

Reasons I love Greenville:
I moved to Greenville in 2004 and feel it is the perfect balance between a small town and a big city. The weather celebrates all four seasons and there are abundant ways to be active. I also love the close proximity to the mountain and beach towns or Charlotte & Atlanta when you want to experience a metropolis.

What you can find me doing when I'm not working hard at Sabal Homes:
Being in the GREAT outdoors! Greenville offers plenty of options to be active. I also enjoy cooking healthy cuisine. Recently I was blessed to become an aunt to twin nieces and a nephew so spending free time with them brings so much joy.