Start Your Own Southern Container Garden at Your New Charleston Home

Summer is a great time to begin some new outdoor projects like a container garden. This can be a fun way to start “growing” your garden skills. We’ve got the skinny on how to get started with your very own container garden at your new Charleston home.

1) What to grow? First, you need to decide what you’ll want to put in your container garden. Will it be an herb garden? A vegetable garden? Pretty flowers? Fragrant flowers? Pick your theme and the rest will follow.

2) How much sun? Pick plants that need the same amount of sunlight and then time to see how much sun the area where you plan to put the pot actually gets (most people underestimate). You’ll also want to consider the size of your container and be sure you don’t choose plants that will be too large or too small in proportion.

3) Pick your pot. Get creative here and use your imagination! You can use almost anything as a container for your garden. Here are some idea starters: a basket, a bucket, a recyclable grocery bag, a trashcan, a terra cotta pot. There are plenty of unusual ideas for containers from Container Gardening.

4) Select your soil. Choose some quality potting soil and add some fertilizer to get your plants the nutrients they need.

5) Water and drain. Make sure your container has enough drainage and drill some extra holes if needed. Follow the instructions on your plant tags regarding water.

6) Watch and smile! Hopefully, your container garden will take off with plenty of care from you and you’ll be ready to start your next one.

Here are several fun container garden projects for different seasons from Container Gardening:

· Eggshell garden for spring

· Terrarium

· Pumpkin Planter

· Narcissus Holiday Container

Let us know if you try any and be sure to post your container gardening pics on our Facebook page!

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