Simple Recipes for Thanksgiving – A Poem

Before decking the halls and spreading holiday cheer

It’s crucial we celebrate what we’re thankful for this year.



So gather with all of your friends, family and neighbors

And share with them the fruits of your easy kitchen labor.


This time of year is busy and there’s no time to waste

Don’t bother with a turkey you’ll spend hours trying to baste.


Though these treats be little, they’re a Thanksgiving delight

Here are a few recipes, just quick bits and bites.



This appetizer will go great with any crackers or bread

In just 15 minutes you’ll have this ham and red pepper spread.


The main course may be untraditional but is still a tasty treat

You can mix up your Thanksgiving with this slow-cooked meat?


If all of your guests are truly the apples of your eyes

Treat them to not one, but two of these delicious mini pies.


Feast your eyes on this next quick and simple treat

It’s easy, healthy and most of all sweet.



Now your meal is planned, harvested and done

Use all this extra time to spend with your loves ones.