Sabal Homes Challenges Industry Professionals to Join the Charleston Hope Challenge

Charleston, S.C. is our home, and the horrible tragedy we experienced as a community has served to bring everyone — both people and businesses — closer together as we consider the implications of such violence.

We believe that peace, unity and change begin in the home, the space where families come together for meals, games, gatherings and bedtime stories. We encourage all individuals to use the home as the starting point for change. Open a dialogue about these events, our world, the power of forgiveness and loving your neighbor with your friends and family members, and foster a spirit of love and peace within your own little corner of the world.

To help light the spark, Sabal Homes has matched Charleston Mayor Joe Riley’s $5,000 donation to the Mother Emanuel Hope Fund, a fund created by the city to provide direct financial support for the funeral and burial expenses of the nine victims at Mother Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Church. Any funds remaining after these expenses are paid will be used by the AME Church as determined by its leadership.

We challenge other local homebuilding industry professionals to join us in supporting the Charleston Hope Challenge in honor of those who lost their lives. Whether you’re a realtor, vendor, attorney or contractor, help us spread this message of love through every home in Charleston and throughout America!