Repairing Holes in Your Drywall

drywall-holes-xAlthough when you got your new Sabal home is was in pristine condition, a few years of wear and tear can result in some normal damage to your drywall. Whether it’s a hole created from hanging something on the wall or an accidental dent from something hitting the wall, repairing drywall is a quick and easy task.

Most home improvement and hardware stores sell drywall patches that are simple to apply. They peel and stick and come with a metal back for added reinforcement and strength. Before you apply the patch, smooth the edges of the hole or dent and clean and dry the area, making sure not to leave it too wet. Cut the patch, leaving a little extra material beyond the hole/dent size to help it adhere to the surrounding wall.

Next, using a putty knife to remove air bubbles, apply the patch to the wall. Then, spread a thin coat of joint compound, or “mud”, using a wide putty knife over the patch to help it blend into the surrounding wall. It may take more than one coat to get a good blended look. Then apply some non-shrink joint compound on top. Smooth and let dry. Lightly sand the area with drywall sandpaper and use a super thin topcoat of joint compound to cover any remaining cracks or holes.

If you choose, you can skip using the patch and go directly to the “putty” or joint compound step.

This is a great fall task to tidy up your walls before the busy holiday seasons approach. Try tackling one or two rooms each week and you’ll be all finished before winter… just in time to hang all your holiday decorations!

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