Home shopping is fun, but it can also be stressful. Making so many decisions about styles, finishes, builders, neighborhoods can be a little overwhelming.

We get it. And Sabal is here to help.

One way to determine what you would like in your new home is to consider the very things you’ve liked about other places you’ve lived. Write that down. And also write down the things that drove you crazy (or even mildly irritated you). Having these ideas in concrete form can create order out of what feels like chaos.

Do you work at home? If so, you may have more need for an office than a formal dining room. Is your family the kind that likes to sprawl out together in one big room, or choose quieter private spaces to relax? https://www.sabalhomessc.com/trending-coziness-convenience-gathering-space/

Think about your life age and stage. Kids may be little today, but in a blink of an eye they’ll be teenagers. And that may mean you want flexible space for both generations.

Are you outdoorsy people? Do you entertain often? Do you receive frequent house guests? (Or is this a good time to eliminate that too-attractive guest room?)

Once you’ve worked through the big stuff, there’s an advantage to thinking about the details.  Most homeowners have furniture and accessories they’d like to bring along with them, rather than starting fresh. Making those pieces work in your new space often involves thinking ahead about paint colors and such.

Or, this could be a great time to start anew. In that case, we often recommend home shoppers create their own mood board. Take a little time one day to sit with a stack of magazines or your Pinterest feed, and pull the images that spark joy. Those become inspiration for your own living space. https://www.sabalhomessc.com/is-it-love-or-a-crush/


In the end, this is a great chance to find the home that fits your life. Happy hunting!