Organization Tips for Back to School

In just a couple weeks, kids will be headed back to school across the Lowcountry. You may already be working on the supply list for each class, and as you start to accumulate more school “stuff,” now’s the time to put an organization plan in place to stop the school clutter before it even starts!

Can’t you see the piles of homework and permission slips and lunch boxes piling up and lunch boxes and backpacks across your lovely floor? Here’s a guide to back to school organization to keep your new Sabal Home as lovely as it should be despite the busyness of school:

Create a Calendar – Are you a paper person or would you rather sign everyone up for a computer calendar? Dry erase board or chalkboard? No matter your preference, you need a way to keep everyone on the same “page.” Google calendar is a free electronic option that allows everyone to have their own calendar that you can see all at once. Each person can be a different color to help differentiate activities. You can also add automated holiday, sports teams and other calendars to populate your view. We also recommend a large dry erase calendar to hang in a central gathering spot so everyone can see at a glance who’s on first on any given day! Enter sports schedules, field trips, music lessons and more as soon as you get the schedules.

Add a School Space – If you can find a spot in your house, ideally close to the door where the kids go in and out for school, create individual spaces for them for backpacks, papers, etc. You can buy inexpensive hooks or racks at discount stores and give each child his own. Have him hang his coat, backpack, snowgear, etc. in this spot. That way it’s always there the next morning when he needs it. A couple of plastic or wire trays near this area or in a kitchen can serve as the spot for permission slips or other work that needs to go back to school. Have everyone empty their folders when they arrive home, and dump their lunch leftovers in the trash.

Set a Clothing Plan – Back to school clothes shopping is an annual ritual for families, but don’t go crazy! Take a day to go through each child’s clothing, taking out what’s too small or too ripped for donation, passing down or trash. Make a list of what each child truly needs, keep an eye on the sales flyers for good prices and stick to your list. Be sure to check store websites and mobile apps for extra savings.

Make School Mornings Smoother – The best way to lessen the chaos of getting everyone to school on time with everything they need? Get up a half-hour earlier than usual. You’ll have a few minutes to collect yourself, get some things done before the kids wake up and make sure everything is in order. Give children as much responsibility as they can handle with regard to gathering backpacks, making lunch (yes, they can make their own lunch — even elementary school age kids!), getting dressed, etc. Anything you can do the night before, like choosing clothes, making lunch or signing permission slips, do!

What are your best back-to-school organization tips? What’s made your school mornings go smoother? Please share!

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