New Homeowner Checklist

It’s happened. You searched for weeks and months to find the perfect home in the perfect location and finally found the right one. You’ve gone through all the paperwork and it is official. You are a homeowner!

However, before you get too caught up in selecting paint swatches and fabrics for your new place, make sure to take some time to go through a few of these new homeowner checklist items:

Schedule a few days osabal-homeowner-checklist-pic-within-blogff

The home-buying process can be a bit of a whirlwind, and the days and weeks that follow are often just as hectic. It is a good idea to give yourself a few days off so you can focus on unpacking, settling in and managing deliveries and contractors, such as Internet installers, that will be coming in.

Make improvements/repairs before you move in

If there are any repairs or improvements that you want to make, schedule them to be completed before you move in. It is much easier to work on your home when nobody is there. Plus, if you’re painting or adding in new flooring, you won’t have to navigate around any furniture or disrupt your daily routine. This helps make the transition smoother and is one less thing you have to worry about once you move in.

Change your address and set up utilities

Make sure that you alert the post office that you have changed your address. They will be able to forward mail to your new home for a few months, but after that, you are on your own. So go ahead and change your address on all of your important accounts such as your work benefits, credit cards, car and health insurance, etc.

If you plan on sticking with your current gas and electric companies, provide them with your new address, as well. Otherwise, you will need to do some research and set up a new account with another service provider.

Get a lay of the land

It is important that you know where things are — not just in your home, but in your neighborhood, too. If you are in a Sabal community, it won’t take you long to find all of the amenities you could ever need right around the corner.

In case of an emergency, it is good to know where the circuit breaker and main shut-off valves are for your home’s gas and water. Check that all of your smoke detectors are working properly and get recommendations of plumbers, electricians and handymen in your area. Post their numbers on your fridge or in an easy-to-reach place, in case an emergency arises.

Typically when you move into a new place you have to change the locks. However, if you decide to choose one of Sabal’s move-in ready homes, we take care of this for you. And if you decide to build your own home with Sabal, the locks are altered right before you move in. These are just a few of the many ways Sabal tries to help make the home-buying process simple and convenient.

To get started on buying your next home, contact one of our sales agents today!