Introducing a Different Type of Media Room

Unlike most media rooms, which are often defined by large flat-screen TVs, dark lighting and identical plush recliners, we like our media rooms to be a little more versatile.

Sabal Pic within Blog Media RoomOne of the things we love about a media room is that it is one of the few spaces that can be enjoyed by the whole family. Which is why we prefer to design it with the whole family in mind.

We recommend adding a built-in desk or prep sink in your media room, which can be used as either a space for arts and crafts, homework or entertaining preparation.

You can also help define the space for multiple uses by adding in a simple chalk wall. This can serve as an accent wall and allows you the opportunity to show off your creativity. Use it as a calendar or schedule to keep track of your family. Or, use it as part of your décor and encourage your family and friends to share sweet messages or fun designs on it.

One of the most important things to keep in mind when you’re setting up your media room is that this should be a welcoming gathering space for everyone — friends, family, children, whomever. Ultimately, the functionality of your room will define the space, so if it is versatile enough to be used as more than just a place to watch TV, that’s exactly what it will become.