Interior Design Series: Full-Wall Backsplash

Kitchen, Firethorn Model Home, 225 Bumble Way. Summers Corner, Summerville, SC.

Every new homeowner looking to redesign his or her kitchen is typically faced with the same question, “countertop or full-wall tile backsplash?”

For those interested in a more open, airy feel, it may be time to consider ditching the upper cabinets and opting for a counter-to-ceiling backsplash instead. For those who cannot bare to give up that extra storage space, there are a few options. You can swap your old cabinets out for open cabinets, or you can continue the backsplash above your upper cabinets on a single wall. Both options will still help you achieve the open-kitchen feel, without costing you extra money.

From mosaic and large-format tile to wallpaper, back-painted glass and slab, there are a wide range of materials and designs that you can use for your full-wall backsplash that will add interest and a modern element to your overall kitchen layout.

Need inspiration? Check out the full-wall backsplash in our custom home in Hibben.

This interior design post was brought to you by our very own design manager, Becky Crosby.