DIY Projects Organizational Back To School Projects

With back to school just around the corner, the days of piled up book bags, tossed shoes, stacks of papers and more are on their way. We found these great DIY projects that can help with back-to-school organization that you can do before the kids head off on their first day.

Paint Chip CalendarFamily Calendar

Get the kids to help pitch in and make your very own family calendar with paint chips to keep everyone organized this year courtesy of Chicisms! Using posterboard for the background, line up 7 paint strips in your favorite colors for each day of the week. Glue your paint strips to the posterboard, place inside a frame and then use a dry erase marker on the frame to label the days and dates and any activities going on.

Magnetic Lunch ChartLunch Schedule

Similar to the family calendar, this craft from Martha Stewart helps you create a magnetic lunch chart that lets your kids choose from a selection of healthy items for their menu for each school day. Print out the magnetic chart they’ve created on a full-size magnet sheet. Then print and cut out the food labels on a second magnetic sheet and place in an envelope below.

Closet DividerCloset Dividers

This is an easy one from West Side View that can help you and your child plan their clothing for school one week at a time. Simply cut dividers in the shape of a door holder from sturdy cardboard. Leave a cut so you can hang them over the closet rod. Apply decorative adhesive paper if you’d like or let your child decorate them, then print out the names of the week and glue them on. Ta da!

School ZoneSet up a School Zone

Designate an area of your Sabal home to collect backpacks, shoes and jackets. Check out this door created by C.R.A.F.T. that uses over the door hooks, Command hooks, a magnetic knife strip, clear caddy and clip board to create a spot for everything from papers to jackets to purses and scarves. Add a basket at the bottom for shoes and you’re all set. Now you just have to teach your kids to actually USE it.

What are your best organizing tips for back to school?

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