Get Inspiration for Your Charleston Home at the Annual Tour of Homes & Gardens

Every year in the Charleston area, we look forward to spring, azaleas and the annual Historic Charleston Foundation’s Tour of Homes & Gardens. It’s the opportunity to get a peek inside of the area’s oldest and most beautiful homes.

The 2013 House & Gardens Tours run March 21 through April 20 and offer tours of homes on King Street, Church Street, Meeting Street, Wentworth Street, Charlotte Street, Legare Street and so many more. Visit the Historic Charleston website to book your tour.

One of our favorite things about the tour is all the design inspiration it provides! We love to see how folks have creatively decorated their homes, landscaped their yards and created beautiful gardens within some amazing Charleston-style architecture.

Here are some of our favorite things we’ve seen over the years that make for great additions to any new Sabal Home or existing Sabal home:

Joggling boards – A joggling board, which is a unique bench that is supposed to “joggle” two “lovers” together, is a quintessential Charleston icon. Add a joggling board to your front porch for an interesting talking piece and give your home a true touch of Charleston.
Hand painted wall paper – Hand painted wall paper is a common feature of many historic Charleston homes. Choose a classic pattern but add a modern touch with a trendy color.
Mix the old and the new – Instead of choosing all new furniture, blend in some antique pieces either passed down from your family or purchased from a local antiques store (there are plenty in the Charleston and Summerville area). You’ll find it adds an immediate warmth.
French mirror – You’ll likely see a French-style mirror in most historic Charleston homes. This is a quick, easy addition to make your new home instantly “Charleston.”
Mix and match dining room chairs – This is common in old Charleston families who may have had many chairs passed down. The mismatch adds to the charm!
Add a rice bed – The “rice bed,” so named for the depictions of rice on the bed’s four posters, is another classic Charleston item found in many historic homes. Find an antique or a new design.
What parts of Charleston design are your favorites? How have you incorporated Charleston design into your new Charleston home or existing Charleston home?

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