Fun Fall DIY Projects for Your Charleston Home

Browsing on Pinterest is one of our favorite hobbies. Give us a cup of coffee and a computer and we’re set for a couple hours! Here are some fun DIY projects we rounded up on Pinterest that are simple and will give your home a touch of fall.

Fall Frames

To start, we loved these elegant picture frames that spell out the word FALL. Imagine them on your mantel, on the hall table or on a decorative shelf.

First head to a store like the Dollar Tree or Home Goods and pick some discounted frames that fit your home’s décor. Then find some scrap wallpaper (sometimes wallpaper stores sell them cheaply) or even some inexpensive shelf paper. Finally, you’ll need some letters, which are easy to find at office supply stores. Glue or tape the paper on to the cardboard cutout that comes with the frame and then stick on letters in different shapes, fonts and sizes. Ta da! Super easy.

Autumn Candles

Another simple autumn project from Anyone Can Decorate lets you decorate plain candles for the season. You’ll need: some wide candles, twine, a few fall leaves and, if you want, glass hurricane covers.

Simply hold the leaf with your thumb on one side of the candle while wrapping the twine around it three times to secure it to the candle. Knot it on the leaf side and trim the ends. Place in hurricane shades and set on your dining room table, buffet or mantel!

Fall Burlap Block

To create this cute little door stopper/home accessory from One Project Closer’s The Better Half, you’ll need: a 2×4 wood block or brick, scrap burlap, wooden letters (find at any craft store), wood paint, fabric flowers and hot glue. Start by wrapping the block with burlap, just like you would wrap a present, but fasten the burlap to the wood using a hot glue gun. It may take a lot of gluing to get the sides of the burlap to sit flat.

Next, paint your wooden letters in a fall color and let dry. You can sand the letters if you want to give them a distressed look. Glue your letters with some other decorative items like flowers, buttons, ribbon, etc. onto the burlap. Let dry and you’re done!

Have you tried any of our creations? Snap a pic and post on our Facebook page! Check out more great fall DIY Home Décor on our Pinterest page.

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