Fun and Easy After School Snack Ideas

With Charleston County schools in session August 21 and Dorchester Schools back in school August 19, there will soon be plenty of students here in the Lowcountry arriving home ravenous from all the hard work their brains are accomplishing each day!

Here are a few quick and easy back-to-school snack ideas we’ve compiled to offer your kiddos a fun, but nutritious after-school snack they’ll look forward to the whole bus ride home.

Lego Crackers:

We love this one from Create-Celebrate-Explore because it’s so simple! Simply take rectangular-shaped crackers, then cut any kind of cheese to fit the cracker. Next, make a small circle mold to cut six small circles out of the cheese that you will add to the top of the slice to make a Lego!

ABC Letter Chips:

Here’s another easy one that the kids will love. To make ABC Letter Chips (recipe courtesy of A Little Tipsy), use play dough letter cutters (just be sure to wash them first!). Buy uncooked tortilla dough, cut out the letters, place on a griddle and cook according to the tortilla dough package instructions. Spell their names or their school or whatever creative words you can think of!

Juice Box Robots:

This craft/recipe courtesy of Kin Community takes a little more time but will result in big smiles. Pick a square or rectangular juice box. Use glue dots to stick it all together, starting with raisin boxes for feet, any roll of candy for arms, and a small plastic container of applesauce for the head with googley eyes. Finish it off by sticking a plastic spoon to the front of the body. Watch the video below to see them put it all together:

Apple Cars:

Cut an apple into slices and turn the slices skin side up. Stick a tooth pick through the flesh of the apple at each “end.” Add grapes to each of the four points of the tooth picks! It couldn’t get any simpler than that? Recipe from Divine Party Concepts.

What is your favorite back to school snack to serve your kids? Share in the comments below or on our Facebook page.

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