Feng Shui Basics for Your Lowcountry Home

Could your Lowcountry home use a boost of good “energy”? Perhaps it needs a touch of Feng Shui! Feng Shui is the ancient art of interior design for homes, businesses and other spaces with the goal of improving energy flow and thus the fortune of those within it.

From About.com Feng Shui, we gathered these seven basic tips to help you improve your new Sabal home’s feng shui. We could all use a little more good fortune, right?!

1) Say no to Clutter – If you don’t love it, toss it! We promise you’ll feel so much better in a clutter-free home. We recommend Charlestonian Stacey Crew at MyOrganizedLifestyle.com for more clutter removal tips.

2) Fill your Home with Good Quality Air and Light – About.com recommends opening windows to let in fresh air, adding air-purifying plants and bringing as much natural light as possible into your new Charleston home.

3) Create a “Bagua,” or Energy Map – The Bagua helps you measure the feng shui energy in a given space. For example, you’ll consider colors and the different areas of your home, which represent different areas of your life.

4) Understand the 5 Feng Shui Elements – These are wood, fire, air, metal and water. What you need to improve in your life (health, fortune, happiness) will determine which of these elements you need to place where.

5) Learn your Feng Shui Birth Element – The day you were born will determine which feng shui element is associated with your life. Then you will incorporate this element and its associated colors into your home to support your energy. Consider your family’s birth elements, too!

6) Learn your Kua Number and Lucky Directions – Other personal components of feng shui are kua numbers and lucky directions. You calculate your Kua number using your birth year and your gender. From there you can learn your lucky feng shui directions (such as East, West, North, South) to rearrange elements in your home, like your bed, for greater success.

7) Tune in to Your Home’s Energy – Does it feel “off” or “negative” or are you feeling particularly “in the groove” or “joyful”? Pay attention so you can accentuate or make changes when needed to improve energy flow.

Have you tried Feng Shui in your own home? Has it helped? We’d love to see pics on our Facebook page! For inspiration, check out these Feng Shui photos on Pinterest!

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