Fall Decorating Tips for Your Charleston Home

fall 3It’s nice to change up your décor a bit each season to give a sense of the time of year and to switch out colors and accessories for a fresh look. We’ve compiled some fall home decorating tips to help you simply and easily update your Charleston home this autumn:

1) Bring in nature – Bring the outdoors in with some select items that bring fall to mind like pumpkins, fall foliage, pine cones, corn husks, acorns or branches. Create a table centerpiece from colorful fall flowers or surround a candle in a dish full of acorns.

2) Get creative – Use pumpkins in a variety of ways, such as a vase for flowers, candle holders, stacked as topiaries or even just a grouping of different sizes gathered together on a side or console table.

3) Use natural materials – Select items made from natural materials, such as wood, wicker or even sweet grass to use as center pieces or accent pieces. For example, switch a lampshade to a brown linen shade or set out Lowcountry-made sweet grass drink coasters.

4) Add warmth – Since the air is cooling down outside, it’s a good idea to add some warmth and coziness inside. Consider seasonal colors in deep hues like reds, purples and oranges. For comfort, try flannel throws or tablecloths, snuggly throw pillows or soft rugs. Lit candles also add instant warmth!

5) Festive dinnerware – Rather than bring out a whole new set of dishes, complement an existing set with festive napkins, natural décor on the table and new tablecloths or table runners for the season. You can even add a small pumpkin at each place setting.

6) Simple touches – Try the smallest of changes like picking up some silk fall leaves and scattering them on a book shelf, a table or in a picture frame.

7) Don’t forget the scent of fall – Autumn comes will some of the most pleasing smells like pine, woods, pumpkins, oranges and apples! Make your own corianders using cloves pressed into oranges, pick up some fall candles or set out a bowl of strongly-scented pine cones.

What’s your favorite part of decorating for fall? Share your fall decorating pictures with us on Pinterest, Facebook or Twitter!

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