Everything Old is New Again: Historic Charleston Area Attracts Hip Start-Ups

Why make the Charleston area home? Let us count the ways! The sun, the beach, the history, the food, the beauty… and here’s one more to add to the list: it just might be the next Silicon Valley!

In a recent article, USA Today cited Charleston as an up-and-coming urban center and hip location for technology start-ups. They noted: “A booming tech start-up economy and a thriving arts and restaurant scene have helped this old Civil War tourist magnet do something that places across the USA have been trying to do for decades: attract young, college-educated workers and keep them there as they start families. The mild weather and easy access to nearly 200 miles of beaches don’t exactly hurt.”

The article noted that statistics show Charleston is one of 289 cities across the U.S. that has more people in their 20’s than teens, indicating that many young people who attend college here never leave, while others move here for a job (or the weather!) or to get married.

The Charleston area is home to many a tech-start up, including BenefitFocus, PeopleMatter, BoomTown and SPARC. Boeing also built a Dreamliner assembly plant in North Charleston several years ago, while Google added a data center in Berkeley County. Sabal Homes builds new Charleston homes in several neighborhoods close to these major employers, like Branch Creek, Carnes Crossroads, The Ponds, The Sanctuary at Grand Oaks Plantation and Foxbank Plantation.

Such companies and their employees say that the cost of property and staff is probably a quarter of that in Silicon Valley. Plus, you can head to the beach to kite-surf when the waves are right!

If you’d like to learn more about Charleston’s burgeoning tech economy and look for jobs within this industry, great resources include the Charleston Digital Corridor, Charleston Works and the Charleston Regional Development Alliance.

In conclusion, the article quotes demographer Robert Lang as saying, “…Charleston may be ‘the single most important city of inspiration to the New Urbanists’ who have pushed to redesign cities around more densely populated, pedestrian-friendly living spaces…Some of America’s oldest cities have the youngest population.”

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