Why Every Home Needs a Sliding Glass Door

Sabal Blog Pic within BlogThere are so many benefits to having natural light in a home. It opens up a space, brightens colors and adds that little something extra that helps make a house feel more like a home.

Instead of just adding a couple of extra windows to let the natural light in, consider taking it one step further by adding a mega sliding glass door to your home.

Whether you have an open outdoor patio, a screened-in porch or an ideal view of a lake or marsh, adding a mega sliding glass door to your home will help connect your outdoor and indoor space in one cohesive swoop.

If you need more reasons to add a sliding glass door to your home, just consider the money you would save on your energy bill every month. With more natural light pouring into your room, you’ll use less electrical lighting. And on those warm summer nights, you can open the door entirely, letting that sweet, salty breeze flow through your entire home.

Sabal Blog Pic within Blog2One of the many benefits of living in the Lowcountry is that we have gorgeous marshes, lakes and natural wildlife that make for breathtaking views year-around. A glass sliding door creates a more expansive sight line for those desired views, allowing you to put your home’s natural beauty on full display.

Sleek and simple, the elegant aesthetic of a sliding glass door blends seamlessly with a wide range of design styles and adds a charming accent that is both beautiful and functional.