End of Summer Yard Care Tips for the South

mowing grassWith the warm days of summer winding down as the months turn to fall, it’s time to think about yard care as we head into the cooler part of the year. To keep your Lowcountry lawn healthy all year round, we’ve got some seasonal yard care tips for you:

· First, consider that summer in the south, at least according to temperature, runs through September. So keep watering your lawn to get through the hot season.

· Give your lawn mower a once over and have it serviced toward the end of the mowing season. This may include getting the oil changed and sharpening the blades. Keep mowing your yard through fall and set the blade to its lowest setting for the last two mowings of the year.

· Begin to collect and clean your summer gardening tools, giving them a touch of oil and a protected dry place to stay all winter.

· If your lawn has any brown spots or is draught ridden, the conclusion of summer is a good time for re-seeding. As temperatures go down, this provides a good environment for new grass to thrive, plus there are fewer weeds and bugs to cause problems.

· If you have any bald spots in your grass, use a “lawn repair mixture” with seed, mulch and fertilizer to encourage those areas to re-grow.

· This is also a good time to aerate the soil to get more water, oxygen and fertilizer to get to the roots. Rent an aerator yourself or hire a landscaping company to do the job for you.

· Kill off any weeds right now, as they will heavily absorb weed killer this time of year and be less likely to reappear next spring.

What’s part of your lawn care checklist for the end of summer?

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