Decorate with Decals to Give Your Charleston Home a New Look in the New Year

As the New Year rolls around, many of us get the urge to refresh, redo and update our lives, our goals and even our homes. If you’ve got the bug to do something new with your home’s design, here’s a simple and quick way to make a big difference with only a little work: decals.

Decals affix to the wall and come in a variety of designs from super heroes and athletes for kids’ rooms or game rooms to dots, stripes, murals, seasonal imagery and silhouettes for more sophisticated designs in living rooms, dining rooms and adult bedrooms.

Decals can be a fun and flexible way to decorate, as most allow you to remove and re-stick at leisure. By using a pattern or a large number together, you can create the look of wall paper without having to deal with the hassles involved in wall paper hanging. If you don’t like it? No worries. Simply remove and try again!

Here are some ideas for how to use decals:

· Create the look of a night sky in a bedroom using stars, planets and the moon on the ceiling.

· Decals also come in sayings and quotes. Post a quote about family and food in the kitchen, or perhaps your daughter would like one that simply says “Princess” in her bedroom. offers a great selection for different rooms of the home in a variety of colors like the one below:

· Stick full size replicas of your favorite athletes in a basement or game room or gather imagery of your favorite team to create a sports theme. offers a good selection of sports decals.

· Add a touch of the season to any area of your home with Christmas, fall, Easter and other decals. Simply take them down when the season has passed!

· sells giant wall calendar decals that you can actually write on. Wouldn’t that be fun for an office or the kitchen to post everyone’s activities?

· Create your very own striped wall with stripes in different colors and varying widths in whatever pattern and spacing you desire.

The designs you can create with decals are only limited by your imagination. And the next time you get the bug to redo and refresh? Just move the decals around or order some new ones!

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