Celebrating 10 Years by Giving 10 Grand to Buy Your New Charleston Home

Here at Sabal Homes, we’re so proud to be turning 10 years old! Just like anyone loves a good birthday party, so do we, and we want to extend the fun to our wonderful customers, giving you a gift in celebration.

If you’re considering buying a new Charleston area home, June is the month to do it! All month long, we’ll be giving new homebuyers $10,000 toward the purchase of their new home. That’s right, 10 grand for 10 years!

What could your $10,000 buy? You can choose to take it off your final overall price, which can save on your down payment or give you more money to put toward closings costs.

Or, you can choose to upgrade your options by $10,000! That could mean a screened porch instead of a patio, a fourth bedroom instead of a loft, upgraded appliances and more.

Now’s the time to make that final decision to buy the new home of your dreams. Choose from any of Sabal’s amazing Lowcountry neighborhoods, including Palmetto Walk in Cane Bay Plantation in Summerville, Branch Creek, The Landing at Grand Oaks Plantation in West Ashley and many more.

You can build a brand new home or purchase a home that’s move-in ready, and any new Sabal homes whose contracts are ratified by July 12 will be eligible for the $10,000 promotion. Visit OpenYourSabalDoor.com for details. And we don’t mind if you say “Happy birthday!” either. Enjoy!