How to Liven Up Your Butler’s Pantry

Historically, the butler’s pantry has served many different purposes.

It has been the designated storage area for china and silver, it has been used as a prep or clean-up station, and it was even where some European butlers slept—as their job was to keep the silver stored in the butler’s pantry under lock and key.

Today, you won’t typically find a butler sleeping in the pantry. However, it does continue to serve as a key space for hosting and entertaining. Whether it is used for prepping, serving or storing, the butler’s pantry is a crucial component to any household and deserves to have a bit of the spotlight.

How exactly do you add more light and life to this often times dim space? Easy.

First, add a window if possible. Natural light is one of the best and easiest ways to brighten up a space and make it feel more inviting. Second, add shiplap. This is a type of wooden accent that is often used in barns and historic houses. Pair this with some floating shelves, and you will create a cost-effective accent wall that lends both depth and interest to your pantry space.

ButlerPantryLastly, add a couple of wall sconces. Functional and aesthetic, this accent lighting will help make your pantry a warm and welcoming space that you and your guests can enjoy no matter the occasion.

Take a look at this photo for a better idea of how these elements work together.

More design tips are on the way from our very own Becky Crosby, Design Manager.