Built-in Banquette Seating

Sabal Built in Banquette Pic within Blog

Have you ever noticed how the kitchen and dining area tend to be the universal gathering spot in a home? Even if you have an amazing living room or outdoor space, whenever you host a part or casual get-together, everyone always seems to gravitate toward the kitchen.

Regardless of the reason why this happens, try not to fight it, but embrace it. Transform your kitchen and dining area into a space that is comfortable and welcoming for both you and your guests.

One of the best ways to do this is by adding built-in banquette seating. It is a less bulky alternative to traditional chairs, which can take up more space and obstruct views out your windows. It can also help with the flow of traffic by opening up your space and keeping people from clogging up the path from the kitchen to the living room. Plus, if you have a smaller dining room, it can serve the dual purpose of seating and storage if the seat is hinged or has an opening below.

Another benefit of banquette seating is comfort and versatility. Who wouldn’t love to relax in soft seating with a glass of wine? Throw some comfy seat cushions and pillows on there and you have an ideal reading nook. The seating itself doesn’t have to be strictly casual, it can have an arc-shape or have an upholstered back with tufting to make a smaller area more formal. It’s also a great look for rounded or bay windows.

However, the biggest benefit of having banquette seating is that it quickly and easily defines a space. Especially in homes with an open floor plan, defining various spaces can oftentimes be challenging. Adding in banquette seating ensures that your kitchen and dining area are used for eating — and, of course, for enjoying each other’s company.