5 Tips to Organize Your Sabal Home for the New Year

With a new year on the horizon, it’s a wonderful time for a fresh start not only for your personal goals but for your home, as well. After putting away all the holiday decorations, it’s the perfect time to clean up and organize so you can start 2014 with a clean slate. You’ll be happy with the result and so will your home. Here are 5 tips to get started organizing your home this January:

Get your paperwork in order – If you keep folders for your finances and other important papers, it’s time to put away all of the 2013 items for taxes and create new folders for 2014. Go through 2-3 folders a night for a week, so the task isn’t so overwhelming. Then, when you’re ready to do taxes, you’ll have all your paperwork ready to go. Plus, an empty folder is a glorious thing!

Tackle a junk drawer – No doubt our junk drawers fill to capacity and beyond during the holidays with tape, gift tags, scissors, holiday catalogs and more. Take on at least one junk drawer in January. Get some drawer dividers and create a space for all the “junk” you actually want to keep.

Find a place for every toy – If you’re a parent, you’re probably experiencing toy overload right now. The kids have all their new gifts scattered throughout the house to play with as they desire. Start by taking a look at the old toys and donating those that the kids no longer play with. You can even get them involved in the process and encourage them to donate one for every new toy they received. Then, find some colored bins and baskets, group like toys together, label with photos for young ones or words for older ones and find a home for every toy. Have the kids put away all toys on a regular basis.

Keep everyone on track – Do you have a good system for organizing who’s going where when? If not, January is a good time to start. Decide if you want to go electronic with systems like Google Calendar or Cozi or old-school with dry erase boards or wall calendars. Put a system in place, educate the family on the new process and check in with yourself each month to see if everyone’s sticking to it.

De–clutter the closet – Still don’t have the summer clothes put away? That’s alright – take the winter break to do a clothes review. Do one family member’s closet each week. First pull out all the clothes that no longer fit for donation or for younger children, go through bins of older children’s clothes that may now fit younger children, put away clothes that are no longer in season but that still fit and make a clothing inventory of any desperately needed items. Use a list app on your smartphone and add them as you go, so the next time you come upon a sale, you’ll know what you need.
What organization do you plan to do in the New Year? Is it an annual tradition or will this be your first year? Take some before and after pictures and be sure to share here or on our Facebook page. Have a great – and organized – 2014!

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