5 Tips for the Perfect Fall Outdoor Room

With the hot days of summer behind us, it’s the perfect time of year to step outdoors and enjoy the beauty of many of Sabal Homes’ Lowcountry neighborhoods. Climb on that live oak, go fishing in the pond and make s’mores over a campfire.

One of the best ways to enjoy the outdoors in fall is with an “outdoor room.” An outdoor room can be anything from a deck to a screened porch to a gorgeous garden. We’ve got some tips for how to make your outdoor room comfy and cozy for autumn.

1. Get the right light – Lighting can really set the tone for an outdoor space. Consider a string of Christmas lights or naked bulbs draped over the space or under an umbrella. Outdoor chandeliers are also popular and evoke the same design elements you’ll find indoors. Just make sure the fixture is designed for exterior use. Landscape lighting, including uplights and spotlights, can highlight key elements of your space.

2. Add a touch of fall – Whether it’s a pot of golden mums, an accent piece made from driftwood or a basket full of pumpkins, an element of the season helps set the mood.

3. An outdoor fire pit or fireplace – Is there anything better than curling up by a fire in fall and winter? Outdoor fireplaces can create the perfect gathering spot, or for a simpler solution, buy or make your own fire pit. Choose a spot away from trees and foliage and create a circle of stones or bricks. Place the firewood on top of some sand or gravel in the center and light your fire!

4. Comfortable seating – Pick comfy chairs and couches that are “snuggle-approved” and add some fall-colored pillows and blankets for extra softness!

5. Festive food – What’s an outdoor space without something to munch on?! May we suggest apples with caramel, candy corn, boiled peanuts, kettle corn or pumpkin seeds. Set the munchies at different spots where people will be gathering in decorative tins, buckets or bowls. Have some skewers handy, as well, for roasting marshmallows.

What do you love about your outdoor space? How will you decorate it for fall?

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