5 Home Organization Projects for 2015

With the new year upon us, organization is front and center, topping many resolution lists. The quiet and calm after the hustle and bustle of the holidays can be a great time to start some organization projects around your Charleston home.

Sabal Homes Charleston home organizationWe’ve got 5 home organization projects for you to tackle this month help you keep a more orderly home all year round:

  • Prepare for taxes – The turn of the year means Tax Day will soon arrive, so now is a great time to start getting papers in order lest you wait until the week before they’re due and panic. Start by creating a file or folder for your 2014 taxes so you’ll have a place to stash any related paperwork that arrives in the mail. You’ll also need to start emptying out 2014 folders (trash, file or recycle) to make room for 2015 bills, receipts and statements.
  • Create a “drop zone” – With kids back in school, shoes and backpacks and books will once again be tossed or lost across the house! Create an organized “drop zone” where everything has its place, so it’s neat and easily found. This can be as easy as adding some coat hooks for backpacks and coats, a shoe tray for dirty snow boots and shoes and a desk tray for all school paperwork that needs to be acted on.
  • Clear out the toys – This is a tough one, but much needed after all the toys that likely arrived over the holidays. Take a weekend morning or afternoon and let the kids help you sort through all the toys. Decide what they really want to keep, what they want to give away and even what they want to sell (Amazon now has a simple buyback program for many items). Then sort like toys by colored bins, placing a photo of the item on the bin to help smaller children when it’s time for clean up.
  • Create a cleaning schedule – Take 15 minutes and jot down all the cleaning tasks that you need to complete in a given week. Add 1-2 per day on a computerized to-do list that is set to automatically recur each week. If you can complete a couple every day when you have a few minutes, you’ll have a clean house every week!
  • Tackle one big project – Set aside 30 minutes to create a spreadsheet listing areas of your home that need to be organized. Prioritize them and then tackle your top priority by creating a list of action items that need to be taken to complete the task and how long each will take to complete. Try to knock out or 1 or 2 items at a time and eventually you’ll complete the project. Then move on to priority No. 2!

What organization goals do you have for 2015?

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