Sabal Homes Gives Spring Lowcountry Garden Tips

With some warmers days of late, we are reminded that spring is just a short time away and spring in the Lowcountry is full of all things green and blooming. If you’re planning a garden for your Charleston home this spring, Sabal Homes has 10 tips to help you get started:

1) Plan your garden – Browse the web – Pinterest, Houzz or GardenWeb to start – for inspiration for your garden and begin mapping out any change or additions.

2) Divide Shrubs – March is a good time to divide clump-forming, spring-blooming shrubs before flowers and leaves appear. Better Homes & Gardens recommends cutting the plants back to 4 inches before digging out clumps.

3) Choose native plants – You’ll have most success in your garden if you choose plants that are native to the south and the Lowcountry. Consider hibiscus, sea oats, woodland phlox, swamp lily, false indigo and bugbane – all of which withstand hot, humid conditions.

4) Consider perennials – Perennials help keep your garden low-maintenance, because they come back year after year. Perennials that fare well in the south include crinum, canna, black-eyed Susan and phlox.

5) Prepare your azaleas – Spring just isn’t spring in the Lowcountry without colorful blooming azaleas! If you’ve already got azaleas planted, make sure they’re grouped by color for maximum impact. Dig them up and shift them around before or after they bloom if you need.

6) Get your roses ready – Get your roses in order by cleaning up any fallen blooms or leaves, adding some slow-release fertilizer and refreshing mulch.

7) Add some bulbs – It’s a good time to add some colorful bulbs to your garden. If you want the blooms to last longer, plant some weekly so you’ll have a show through the middle of June.

8) Spread mulch – Go ahead and add a 2-3 inch layer of mulch to your garden to help your soil stay moist during hot months and to prevent weed growth.

9) Prune shrubs and trees – If you have shrubs and trees that bloom in March, wait until the flowers are done and then prune them back for more blooms next year!

10) Prevent weeds – Apply a “pre-emergence” herbicide to your yard in March in spots where you have problems with weeds to stop them before they appear.

For more gardening inspiration, join the Spring Festival of Houses & Gardens to see some of the beautiful gardens in Charleston’s historic district. Share your Lowcountry garden pics with us on Facebook and Pinterest this year. Happy gardening!

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